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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: A Journey to Financial Confidence and Mentorship

with Rhonda Hemphill, Founder of Be4EverWell Consulting.

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Rhonda Hemphill

Founder of Be4EverWell Consulting.

Meet Rhonda Hemphill, Founder of Be4EverWell Consulting. 

In this episode of And In Heels, hosts Kelly and Morgan welcome guest Rhonda Hemphill to discuss the significance of financial literacy and empowerment for women entrepreneurs.

When listening to Rhonda’s episode, she discusses: 

  • Her personal experience with an unexpected loss and a subsequent financial surprise highlights the importance of understanding and preparing for life’s uncertainties.
  • Both high and low-income earners can struggle with financial management, and Hemphill’s methods are adaptable to help any woman gain confidence in her financial decisions.
  • Mentorship and coaching are pivotal to success, and resources like SCORE provide free guidance for those unable to afford a personal coach.


In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, financial literacy reigns supreme, especially for women balancing multiple roles. Financial advisor Rhonda Hemphill shares her journey and the crucial role of financial empowerment for women. 

Rhonda’s hands-on advice offers a roadmap for taking control of your finances, no matter where you start. From managing household budgets to overcoming financial hurdles, she emphasizes the importance of cultivating confidence and strategic insight.

But Rhonda’s mission goes beyond just crunching numbers – it’s about empowering women to reshape their financial destinies. She knows firsthand the power of turning personal trials into purpose and advocates for preparing for the unexpected.

Tune in to this episode and join Rhonda in embracing continuous learning and seeking out mentors and coaches. Because in the journey to success, no woman should go it alone.