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Breaking Boundaries:
Converting Obstacles into Possibilities for Women in Business

with Catherine Ratcliffe, Founder of Lost Together Stays.

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Catherine Ratcliffe

Founder of Lost Together Stays.

Meet Catherine Ratcliffe, Founder of Lost Together Stays.

In this episode of And In Heels, we welcome Catherine Ratcliffe, a seasoned entrepreneur, shares her journey fueled by the desire to create a tangible legacy for her children and make a positive difference in the world.

When listening to Catherine’s episode, she discusses: 

  • Embracing change and leveraging personal experiences to cultivate impactful businesses.
  • Harnessing data-driven insights to pioneer innovative business solutions across diverse sectors.
  • Prioritizing advocacy and community-oriented goals to enhance the impact of businesses.


Catherine’s entrepreneurial journey began with a moment of introspection, prompted by the passing of her mother. This led her to create Lost Together Stays, not just a vacation rental business, but a platform for creating cherished family memories. 

But Catherine’s impact doesn’t stop there. With a passion for data and a keen eye for statistics, she seamlessly integrates analytical acumen into her ventures, proving that understanding data is the compass that guides entrepreneurs to success. 

What truly sets Catherine apart is her commitment to social advocacy. By leveraging her platform, she raises awareness about human trafficking, demonstrating that businesses can and should play an active role in addressing societal challenges. 

Join us for this episode reflecting on Catherine’s journey, showcasing how female entrepreneurship evolves. Women like her aren’t just breaking barriers—they’re turning personal challenges into businesses that reflect their values and empower communities.