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A Leader’s Vision:
Empowering Women at Work

with Lauren Windebank, Founder of Roma Black and Co-founder of TRIBE.

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Lauren Windebank

Founder of Roma Black and Co-founder of TRIBE.

Meet Lauren Windebank, Founder of Roma Black and Co-founder of TRIBE.

In this episode of And in Heels, Kel and Mo introduce Lauren Windebank, a pioneer for women’s empowerment in the challenging terrains of technology and finance. As an entrepreneur, a visionary leader, and a devoted mother, Lauren shares her expertise on the importance of strengthening women’s presence in male-dominated industries.

When listening to Lauren’s episode, she discusses: 

  • The significance of self-belief and confidence in empowering women to advance in their careers.
  • Approaches for companies to retain top female talent and foster a nurturing workplace environment.
  • The value of personal investment in self-development as a catalyst for both professional and personal advancement.

Throughout this episode, Lauren highlights the pivotal role of confidence in women’s career journeys. She underscores the importance of mindset shifts and supportive environments for women to thrive professionally. 

But it doesn’t stop there! Lauren emphasizes that confidence isn’t just about individual success—it’s about paving the way for others too. Seeing women in leadership positions can ignite inspiration and empowerment, creating a ripple effect of positive change. 

To bridge the confidence gap, Lauren advocates for creating platforms where women can network and share experiences. It’s all about building each other up and exchanging strategies for success. 

Lauren’s two-pronged approach calls for empowering women individually while also pushing for systemic changes in workplace culture. By embracing personal growth opportunities and seeking mentorship, women can unlock their full potential and soar in their careers.

Tune in to this episode and join Lauren as she reminds us that stepping out of our comfort zones is where true growth, change, and empowerment begin.