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Breaking Barriers and Building Empowerment: Success in the Hardware Industry

with Gina Schaefer, CEO and Co-Founder, of A Few Cool Hardware Stores.

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Gina Schaefer

CEO and Co-Founder, of A Few Cool Hardware Stores.

Meet Gina Schaefer, CEO and Co-Founder, of A Few Cool Hardware Stores.

In this episode of And In Heels, Gina Schaefer shares her inspiring journey as a woman entrepreneur in a traditionally male-dominated industry. 

When listening to Gina’s episode, she discusses: 

  • The importance of embracing community for achieving success in business
  • The success of female entrepreneurs in industries traditionally dominated by men
  • The significant role of diversity in fostering learning and personal growth, emphasizing that it should never be underestimated


Gina Schaefer’s triumph in the hardware industry is a testament to her strong community-centered approach. Through this fusion, she ignited a spark that fueled her business’s incredible success, all while breaking barriers for women in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Furthermore, Gina Schaefer’s role as a driving force behind the ‘Women in Retail’ group and her advocacy for female participation in the hardware industry cannot be understated. She not only dismantled stereotypes but also championed inclusion and empowerment, paving the way for countless others to follow in her footsteps.

Her journey is a reminder that success in business can emerge from unexpected places and people. By cherishing the unique strengths of a community, challenging stereotypes, and embracing diverse mentors, she not only built a prosperous business but also created a path for others to succeed.

Tune in to this episode to be inspired by Gina’s incredible journey and her message of empowerment for all entrepreneurs.