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Taking the Leap: From Caregiver to CEO

with Traci Lamb, CEO and Founder of Caregiving Worldwide

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Traci Lamb

CEO and Founder of Caregiving Worldwide

Meet Traci Lamb, CEO and Founder of Caregiving Worldwide, the first and only network of shows for caregivers worldwide.

In this episode of And In Heels, Traci Lamb, CEO and founder of Caregiving Worldwide, shares her journey, from becoming a caregiver to an internationally recognized CEO, by leveraging her passion for helping others to start her own successful business.

Listening to Traci share her personal journey, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of perseverance when confronted with life’s challenges.
  • The profound impact of a reliable support system in achieving one’s goals.
  • The revelation that potential business opportunities may lie within our own experiences, waiting to be unlocked through tailored solutions to our needs.


Traci’s journey began with a leap of faith, leaving her full-time job in the hospice industry to pursue her entrepreneurial aspirations and establish her own business. However, she faced immediate challenges as she lost vision in her right eye the day after resigning, rendering her unable to work. As her eyesight gradually returned, she found herself becoming the sole caregiver for both her ailing parents, navigating the complexities of the caregiver world on her own.

This experience ignited a deep passion for caring for others, leading her to create Caregiving Worldwide, a comprehensive platform connecting caregivers with essential resources for their families, including products and services for moms, dads, and special needs children. Today, Traci’s impactful work has garnered global recognition, and she continues to expand her influence through her TV show and network.

This podcast episode has motivational tales that showcase unwavering perseverance, unyielding passion, and steadfast commitment to excellence that business owners often encounter. Discover firsthand accounts of personal challenges surmounted, while gaining invaluable insights into entrepreneurship.