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​​From Vision to Victory: Empowering
Caregivers and Transforming Lives

with Traci Lamb, CEO/Founder of Caregiving Worldwide Global Streaming Network.

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Traci Lamb

CEO/Founder of Caregiving Worldwide Global Streaming Network.

Meet Traci Lamb, CEO/Founder of Caregiving Worldwide Global Streaming Network.

In this episode of And In Heels, Traci Lamb, the visionary CEO & Founder of Caregiving Worldwide, is about to grace our podcast with her awe-inspiring journey and the extraordinary success of her groundbreaking streaming network. 

When listening to Traci’s story, she talks about: 

  • Caregiving Worldwide, a global streaming network that offers support and education for caregivers and her new show, “Safe and Sound,” a one-stop shop for caregivers, featuring vetted products and resources.
  • Her background in legal and recruiting, as well as her personal experience as a caregiver, inspired her to start her company.
  • The importance of finding a mentor or coach in entrepreneurship.


With a background in legal recruiting and hospice care, Traci identified a gap in the healthcare sector where caregivers lacked a centralized resource for finding support products and services. This realization led her to found Caregiving Worldwide Global Streaming Network in 2019. Despite gaining recognition and awards, Traci faced a personal challenge when her parents fell ill, forcing her to pause her company for eleven months to care for them. This experience deepened her commitment to assisting others in similar caregiving situations.

Expanding on her initial success, Traci launched a new show called Safe and Sound, set to premiere in November 2023. Hosted by healthcare professionals, the show aims to showcase healthcare products, providing demonstrations and opportunities for viewers to make direct purchases. Traci emphasizes the importance of preparedness for caregivers, urging them to seek education and support beforehand to manage the challenges effectively.

In addition, Traci’s journey emphasizes surrounding oneself with supportive networks and mentors. Her advice to entrepreneurs centers on learning from mistakes, staying receptive to feedback, and leveraging coaching support. Her dedication to Caregiving Worldwide showcases her commitment to empowering caregivers and serves as an inspiration, highlighting determination and robust support as transformative forces in overcoming obstacles.