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Prioritizing Your Goals & Staying True to Yourself

with Juliet Kyes, Managing Partner of ActionCOACH Tampa Bay

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Juliet Kyes

Managing Partner,
ActionCOACH Tampa Bay

Meet Juliet Kyes, Managing Partner and Business Coach at ActionCOACH Tampa Bay:

Juliet is the Managing Partner of ActionCoach Tampa Bay. She is a community leader in every sense of the word. She understands that feeling uncomfortable means you are growing, she does not let fear of the unknown stop her.

Juliet’s journey began when she joined her parents’ business as an administrative assistant. She learned the business and began to set goals for the company. Those goals then became bigger and began to include her as part of the management team at ActionCoach. She is a wife, daughter and now business owner. 

She is truly one of the most positive people I have ever met. She always has a smile on her face and an answer that is inspiring but leads with a no-nonsense attitude. Setting goals and meeting those goals is her driving force in her business. She knows that you must take ownership of your goal and not let someone else push their agenda on you if you truly want to be happy in life and business.

In this Episode We Discuss:

  • How Juliet went from an Administrative Assistant to Managing Partner of her family business.
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with a solid network of people.
  • Setting goals and accepting the uncomfortable feeling that comes with growth.
  • Acknowledging that with growth comes change, you must be willing to accept change to meet your goals. You can’t keep everything the same and expect a different outcome.