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Bridging the Gap: Aligning Marketing and Sales with Fractional CMOs

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About the Episode

In this episode of And In Heels, we discuss how a fractional CMO can accomplish these things to their high-level of expertise and mastery of branding, analyzing, and other key aspects required for marketing and sales alignment. 

A fractional CMO is a part-time executive who provides high-level marketing expertise and strategic guidance to businesses. Businesses hire a fractional CMO when they’re in need of experienced marketing leadership and expertise on a flexible and cost-effective basis. As a result, businesses can expect faster results, improved marketing performance, and overall growth for a company.

When listening to this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What a fractional CMO is and which businesses can benefit from hiring one
  • Key responsibilities Fractional CMOs take on to align marketing and sales 
  • How a Fractional CMO can transform a company with the right tech stack


Fractional CMOs can help businesses overcome obstacles and reach the next level of success. If you’re experiencing marketing or sales challenges, listen to Episode 11 – Rapid Growth Strategies: Harnessing Fractional CMOs For Business – where we go over common reasons why businesses seek out the high-level expertise a fractional CMO can bring to a company. 

Fractional CMOs are pivotal for future marketing, facilitating alignment between marketing and sales amid the digital revolution. Their impact extends beyond individual businesses, influencing the broader marketing landscape, and their significance will grow as technology evolves.

Let’s dive into today’s topic!