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Cheers to One Year:
First Birthday Celebration

with Kel and Mo, The Digital Duo

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Join Kel and Mo, Hosts of And In Heels on the First Birthday Celebration Episode

In this special episode, hosts Kelly and Morgan (Kel and Mo) take you on a trip down memory lane, sharing stories, laughter, and encouragement as they celebrate the first birthday of “And In Heels.”

When listening to this episode, Kel and Mo celebrate by:  

  • Telling the origin story of “And In Heels” 
  • Reflecting on the 5 most memorable episodes from previous seasons
  • Playing a fun party game of “Get to Know Kel and Mo” 
  • Revealing their plans for “And In Heels” in 2024 

Get ready to dive deep with hosts, Kel and Mo, as they discuss the origins and evolution of the “And In Heels” podcast dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs. From early morning spark of inspiration to the fortunate alignment with a college project, this episode uncovers the serendipitous beginnings that set the stage for this incredible journey.

With a fresh new logo and a myriad of achievements to toast to, they’re thrilled to share their top five most memorable episodes, revealing poignant takeaways from each guest’s remarkable journey.

But that’s not all! Discover how their partnership as co-hosts blossomed, blending their unique generational perspectives to enrich every conversation. And brace yourselves for a fun party game that puts their knowledge of each other to the ultimate test! 

This episode isn’t just about looking back—it’s also about looking forward to more great stuff from “And In Heels.” Join them for inspiration, connection, and lots of fun!