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​​A Father's Influence: From Dark Despair to Inventing a Comfortable Solution

with Janice Shokrian, Founder/CEO of Tausi Brands

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Janice Shokrian

Janice Shokrian

Founder/CEO of Tausi Brands

Meet Janice Shokrian, Founder/CEO of Tausi Brands

In this episode of And In Heels, Janice Shokrian shares the incredible journey behind Tausi Brands, a game-changing invention that’s close to her heart.

When listening to Janice’s story, she discusses:

  • Her invention of Tausi Brands, a pillowcase that provides head and neck back support.
  • The inspiration of creating this product.
  • The challenges she faced in her career, which led her to pursue the invention.

Her journey all started when she saw her father, a pillar of strength, struggling with discomfort in his care community. That image etched itself into her soul, igniting a spark of inspiration that led to the creation of Tausi. 

Tausi isn’t just a product; it’s a promise of finding solace and support in every moment. It’s a pillowcase that transforms your pillow into a head and neck back support system, designed to make others lives more comfortable, wherever you are. This is about more than just physical comfort; it’s about finding a sanctuary in the everyday hustle and bustle. 

The road here hasn’t been easy. Janice faced challenges that tested her resilience, and at one point, she even experienced bullying in her previous position. But adversity only fueled her determination. It led her straight to her true calling: innovation and comfort. Every hurdle was a stepping stone, guiding her toward the purpose she was destined for. 

Now her daily motivation is seeing photos of her customers using Tausi and embracing comfort. Janice believes that everyone deserves to be comfortable and she is making that possible, one pillowcase at a time! 

Don’t miss out on this inspiring episode – it’s a journey of passion, resilience, and innovation that you won’t want to skip! Tune in now and be ready to be inspired.